Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sweet Saturday

I had a good Saturday with Brandon! Even though he barely slept Friday night because he worked all night (staff duty), he was still in a cheery mood the next morning. I enjoyed that! We took it easy in the morning, hanging out and playing games, watching TV, just relaxing the two of us.

We got ready and decided to have some fast food for lunch at Popeyes (yummy, but bleck at the same time!). Then we had to go shopping for a few things for dinner at the commissary (Brandon really wanted steak, I really wanted to make potato wedges), and then we had to run by the PX for me to buy an ornament for an exchange at tomorrow's FRG coffee.

After that we came home, played some more video games, and then decorated some cookies! I made a special icing Brandon's mom makes and he loved them. I also decorated some Gingerbread men. I'd post a pic, but I have no clue where my camera cords went... we got our nice camera back though! No more using a phone!

Afterwards we took a walk as the sun was going down with Dexter around the neighborhood for half an hour. Then we got to BBQing the steaks and ate them while watching the movie "Passengers". Brandon was super tired by then, it was 8:30, since he hadn't slept hardly at all. We went to bed, though I stayed up for a bit to read my book. Then we slept!!

Today, Sunday, we're going to the beach, bringing my bike in to be fixed (the gears stopped working :( ), and just relaxing more before Brandon works tomorrow!