Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Cookie Crazy

Ah! I baked a ton today! I have never baked so much in my life. It was fun though! As soon as I got into the zone, it was really easy.

It didn't start out well. I slept in and wanted to keep sleeping, but drug myself up to get to work. I did make breakfast and took a moment to eat so I wasn't hungry and have low blood sugar. Then I started making the dough for the gingerbread men. First, I realized I would have to refrigerate basically all the cookie dough for 1-4 hours, and I was not anticipating that! But that was ok, it was only 9am. I was fine until I got to the baking powder... which I thought I had but didn't.


So I climbed in the car with Dexter in tow to the commissary (thank god it's right there) and ran inside to get some baking powder! Once I got home I made all the dough for the 6 types of cookies I was making (sugar cookies, stained glass sugar cookies, peanut butter blossoms, peanut butter cup tarts, gingerbread men and snickerdoodles).

This is what my kitchen looked like as I made everything. It was a mess and I had to have fortifications so the kitty wouldn't jump on the island!:

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Close to lunch time the first batch went in: the peanut butter blossoms, Brandon's favorite. Here they are finished:

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Then I made the snickerdoodles, since they were fairly easy to do, and then on to the sugar cookies, which took forever since I had so many!! I also did the stained glass cookies. Here they are:

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After that were the peanut butter cup tarts, made in a muffin pan. They looked good!:

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Finally, I made the gingerbread men. It was hard at first because the dough was solid, I thought I did something wrong. But I worked the dough a bit and it loosened up and I was able to make the cookies. I sure was tired, but they turned out well:

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I'm glad I did all this! I had Christmas music playing the whole time and Dexter was keeping himself entertained outside (he refused to come inside, silly dog). I had a few difficulties but I did well. Of course, I have a whole load of cookies, so I'm going to be sharing them with neighbors and Brandon's platoon. :) We still have to decorate them, but that will be for another day when Brandon is home.

Now the next Christmas challenge... making Christmas dinner for Brandon and I. AH!


Anonymous said...

You're like me, when you start to bake you go all out! They look delicious! And all the guys at Brandon's shop are going to love you! At least until PT time! lol