Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm feeling energized!

I'm feeling energized and I'm feeling accomplished and I'm feeling excited about my future!

When my Dad and stepmom Kat were visiting I received my first issue of "Writer's Digest," a magazine for writer's. I put off reading it and when they left I dove into it. It's so wonderful! There are great articles about writing, about the craft, about publishing - really, all facets of it. I can feel it now, I can feel that my goal is attainable. I'm going to be a writer!

So then Thursday I got this idea for an article to write. It's about listening to your past to determine your future. I showed how I was stubborn and ignored my inclinations towards writing and history, but when I finally followed my heart it was the best thing for me. I think it's a fairly good article that I'm going to send off to people. How exciting!

This whole week I've been sticking to my goal of 1500 words a day. Yesterday I was sucked into a scene and just had to finish it... 2689 words later, and only a little over an hour, I was done. Wow! That's such a boost in confidence!

I've joined a few writing forums now, have looked into a writer's group here in Hawaii, and have applied to a good looking website to become a freelance writer. I'm taking control of my future and it feels so great. I have ideas and plans running through my head I can hardly sleep at night. This energy is coursing through me and I don't want it to leave!