Thursday, January 7, 2010

On Writing and On Reading

Yesterday I ordered Stephen King's On Writing. Apparently it's a very well done book about writing, so I thought I'd get it for my collection of books! Hopefully it arrives quickly, though of course I have so many books to read, I don't know when I'll get to it.

This comes a few days after I told Brandon I won't be reading anymore books on writing. At least not the kind that tell me how to write. I've come to realize that there isn't any "proper" way to write, other than my own, so I've decided to stop getting those books that tell me that I should write a certain way. It makes me upset, first of all, because I feel like I'm not doing it well enough, and second of all, I like the way I write! So after I read On Writing and another writing book I have (since I have it, I should read it, right?), I'm done with writing books.

Of course, some writing books I'll read. Those are the ones that don't tell me how to write but more are encouraging in other facets, like developing good habits. I read Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg and it didn't tell me how to write, but more encouraged me just to write. I guess it's hard to explain. But those are the kinds of books I will read!

My novel is coming along great. I'm almost 75k words in with a goal of at least 85k. The way it's developing, I have a chance to surpass 85k. 85k words at 250 words per novel page is 340 pages. That's pretty good for a historical fiction novel! I'm happy with it. I want something that's substantial but easy to read. :)

I'm happy with my writing. My stepbrother Matt (who sends me random articles and comics about writing) introduced me to Ommwriter ( It's basically a meditative writing program for Macs... it has soothing music, sounds for keystrokes, and has a background that blocks out everything but your writing. I LOVE IT. I can write more and faster without distractions. Before I used to write for a few minutes, then stop, then go again. Now I just write. It's amazing! And free ;)

It's a beautiful day outside. I can't wait for when my dad's here and for us to go to the beach. I can't wait for dog training on Saturday. I can't wait for Brandon to be home and for us to go to the PX today! I'm having a good day. Are you?