Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday was my birthday! It was a good day, not too many complaints. It started out real early thanks to Dexter not wanting us to sleep past 6am. So we got up and went downstairs. Brandon was trying to figure out something for the internet so he spent a couple hours walking around the house on his project. I watched TV, read, played on the internet, just relaxed.

We had a Sunday brunch to go to at my friend's house. So we dressed all nice and headed down to her house, followed by a couple of other friends who didn't know how to get there. All my friends were there! I had tons of fun. The food was great and we just stood around and talked. Very good time.

Afterwards we wanted to go to Target to buy my birthday present (since Brandon was gone until April 3rd it was kind of hard to buy a present for me). I wanted a new hairdryer and bath robe, nothing too fancy! But Target was closed! Darn Easter. I just didn't expect that considering Hawaii is such a touristy place, you know? Anyway, I was sort of upset about that. Oh well, we'll have to buy my stuff later.

So then we went home and watched some more TV. Brandon made reservations at PF Chang's for dinner. We headed down to Waikiki around dinnertime and spent some time walking around the stores before going to dinner. The food was great! We each got a cocktail, then some lettuce wraps, some soup, and then some spicy chicken and beef a la sichuan. Dessert was the mini-desserts. It was a great meal and it was so wonderful to be there with Brandon. We just had tons of fun!

After dinner Brandon wanted to go to the Apple Store to check out the iPod Touch and the iPad, which he has fallen in love with. The store was insane busy but we managed to get in to play with a few things.

After we played for a bit we decided to head home. We were originally going to go sit at the Hale Koa bar but the combination of pouring rain and being full and tired it was time to go home. We aren't party animals anymore! Haha. Plus Brandon is still catching up on some sleep. When we got home he basically passed out on the couch so I made him go upstairs to bed. I read a bit but then I fell asleep too. It was a good day!

One bad thing: The rain made the road slippery so when I was crossing a crosswalk I slipped. It happened really fast but my left knee hit the ground and now it's bruised and it hurts when I moved it! Oh well, I'll survive ;)