Monday, May 24, 2010


Wow, four days since my last post! It seems I go through phases where I write, write, write and then... nothing. So hello, thought I'd see how everyone is.

This weekend Brandon had 4 days off as a pseudo "Memorial Day" weekend, since his block leave will be over Memorial Day anyway. Friday we had to wake up early because Brandon had to get an MRI of his foot (he's been having some difficulty with it), and then we chilled down near Tripler, getting breakfast and browsing stores. We then met a bunch of our friends (and their dogs) at the dog beach. Dexter loves it there! I love it because it makes him super tired. After a scuffle with a big boxer, we went home.

Brandon had some issues with his jaw after his wisdom teeth surgery so we went to the dental office. I ran some errands while he got looked at. By the time we go home we had been gone for like 9 hours and we were tired! But we ended up going to a friends house for some dinner.

Saturday I worked for 8 hours and then hopped over to Old Navy to look at their sale. They didn't have any shoes left, but I did buy a cute bathing suit and some shorts and a tank top, all essential for Hawaii. Oh, I bought a zip-up hoodie, they're my weakness. We watched Avatar (it was alright!) and then went to bed!

Sunday I helped a friend with her webcam baby shower, went grocery shopping, Target shopping, Verizon browsing (ugh, I want a new phone but can't get it until July 21), cleaned the entire house (the in-laws will be here tomorrow), and watched 5 and a half hours of Lost at night! That was pretty good! I still have questions...

Today is another day of work, errands, cleaning and getting ready. Brandon has staff duty but that just means he's on call, and I work 8 hours, so I'll be relying on him to get some work done here at home. Ok, this post got longer than I expected, but that's my update!


Boots in the Doorway said...

I blog just like that. I get into these writing moments and have a ton scheduled and then all of a sudden I am blank. LOL