Sunday, November 8, 2009

Saturday with my Mom

I had a very good Saturday with my mom. Her and John left at 11pm on Saturday night, but they had to check out of their cabin in the morning, so they came up to my place. They dropped off tons of food from their cabin (way more than I know what to do with!) and we hung out for a bit. My mom and I had plans to go to Waikiki. John decided to spend the day at my house playing on the internet, watching TV and playing with the dog. I appreciated it! I hate locking Dexter up for too long.

We parked at the Hale Koa and walked over to the shops in Waikiki. We basically window browsed, though we went into a few shops to look at clothes and other trinkets. We passed a gellato store and my wonderful mom got us some gellato. I got a kiwi and raspberry mix, yum! Then we wandered around an outdoor mall, checking out restaurants to eat at.

We walked down the entire street and doubled back to go on the other side. We stopped at a Swatch store, where I found two watches that I absolutely love! I might be getting them for Christmas from a certain husband. We also went to a store and I got Brandon a gift (can't say what, though he doesn't read my blog, he also doesn't know my present!).

After hours and hours of walking we returned to the restaurant we chose name Doraku, a Japanese restaurant. We chose a yummy sushi dish for an appetizer and then we each got our own main dish. My mom bought us both a couple of cocktails. It was delicious! A great restaurant, and it was not that expensive, especially for where we were. Afterwards we sat outside chatting and my mom smoked some of her last cigarettes (her and John are quitting when they hit Colorado).

We went back to the car in the dark and I drove my mom to the airport where she was meeting John. We said our goodbyes and we parted ways. :)

My mom and I in Waikiki:

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