Friday, November 6, 2009

Polynesian Cultural Center

First, I'd like to say a few words about the Fort Hood incident yesterday. A man who didn't want to get deployed went on a killing rampage and killed 12 people, injuring 31 others. There is no excuse for that kind of senseless killings. I'm thinking of the families and friends who were affected and hope that there is justice for this atrocity!

On Wednesday, I went to the Polynesian Cultural Center with my mom. It was a long day, but sooo awesome. They have a bunch of Polynesian Islands represented, with a ton of cultural activities. We got to see tree climbers from Samoa, a welcoming ritual from New Zealand, drums being played in Tonga and dancers from Tahiti. It was pretty cool. My mom and I enjoyed it thoroughly. We also ate some shave ice and some mochi, which is ice cream wrapped in this rice cake thing, it was yummy! It rained practically all day, but that was ok.

After touring the place, we went to a luau and buffet dinner. The food was awesome and the dancing was great! We met this nice couple named Heather and Richard from Texas and chatted with them the whole dinner. The food was very filling. After the luau we went to the night show Ha, which was a huge mess of dancing and singing and a great story. I loved it! It was late by then, 9 o'clock. I drove my mom home to Bellows then took the long drive back to my place. I was tired, but it was worth it.

The neighbors had taken care of Dexter, so they had locked him in his crate outside before going to bed. I grabbed him and the crate and we went to bed! The next day was tiring because I had to be up early for physical therapy (for my wrist) and to bring Winston to the vet. In some good news: I've written 9438 words, way more than I was expecting to be at today! I'm going to a write-in here at Schofield tonight. Can't wait!!

Some dancers:

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My mom at the luau:

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A pretty sunrise where Brandon is on the Big Island:

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