Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I mowed the lawn :)

I mowed the lawn for the second time ever in my life. We had a little push mower for our little backyard, which grows like crazy with all the rain and sunshine and doggy fertilizer ;). It's kind of fun to mow the lawn. I worked out this morning and while I was still sweaty in my work out clothes, I went outside to get to work. Dexter doesn't even chase the lawn mower! I think I like mowing the lawn because it's very regimented and I can make cool patterns. My OCD likes it.

Yesterday, I made some homemade mac and cheese. It was really good! I used Tillamook cheddar, which is very thick and very very yummy, and all natural. I have so much left over I won't even make my chicken pesto (also homemade) tonight. I'm pushing that to Wednesday. On Sunday I made homemade black bean soup, which was spicy and full of great soft veggies and all around good. I'm a cooking machine! This week I think the mac and cheese is the only new thing I'm making. I like to experiment while Brandon is gone so I can surprise him with new meals when he comes back. :) Even though he'll eat practically anything...

Tomorrow I have training for my tutoring job. Excited! Though I could hardly fill out any of the paperwork because it was terribly confusing...

My word count is past 17k, which is beyond what today's word quota is. I rock. I have a huge scene to write today and a write-in tonight, so I hope to reach 20k or beyond. If I get to 19k, though, I'm a happy puppy.

Brandon is busy this whole week, doing 24 hour shifts and being in charge of important things, so I won't be able to talk to him much. He's called me every night since he left, but tonight will be the first night without hearing his voice. That's ok, it's what I have to do! And really, it's only one night, it could be much worse!