Monday, November 16, 2009


I don't mind getting shots. They don't hurt too bad, I'm not scared of needles, and it's quick and easy! In the last year and a bit, though, my body has not enjoyed getting shots.

It first happened when I got the Gardasil shot at the doctor's office. I got it, it was all good, and then I woke up ten seconds later to the nurses freaking out about how I didn't tell them I pass out when I get shots. I said "I don't!" but they didn't believe me, especially after I told them I passed out once when giving blood. (Hello, it was towards the end and I had no blood left in me!). They warned me that I had to warn whoever was giving me a shot that I pass out. I said ok whatever.

I gave blood a couple weeks later and I passed out again. It wasn't even a lot of blood, just one vial for some testing. Then I gave blood again another time and passed out. Luckily, I didn't pass out with the other two Gardasil shots, but I had warned the nurse and she was so quick I barely felt it. She also made me look away and breathe a lot.

So today I had to get a test for TB for my new job (a requirement for anyone working with children here). Easy enough, I went and they gave me a shot in my forearm. Then I felt light-headed. I thought, I haven't warned the nurse that I pass out when I get shots, and now I'm going to pass out and crack my head open! So I told her that sometimes I pass out and asked if I could sit there for a couple minutes. She let me and was very concerned when I left. I probably left too soon, I still felt woozy, but I wanted to walk.

So what gives, body? I'm not scared of needles! Brandon doesn't pass out and he hates needles! I think part of it is probably because I'm anticipating passing out so I get worked up. But geez, I hate it!