Friday, November 13, 2009

Goodbye Bike

Goodbye bike. I've had you for nearly ten years. You're a black and purple machine with tons of gears and 24" wheels. You've been dropped, kicked, lovingly washed. You've been to Denver, Colorado Springs, Georgia and Hawaii. You've never had to have a tire replaced, thank goodness, and you've stayed in fairly good shape!

Until now. You have a rusted chain that doesn't switch very quickly. You have brakes that barely work and squeak whenever you press them. You have rust up and down your frame, and your shocks are starting to fall apart. You have a tire that, even though it doesn't have a hole, won't fill up. The seat won't stop moving and the handlebars are stiff to turn.

So goodbye bike, we've had a good run. I might sell you on Craigslist to someone who might want to try to fix you up, or I might leave you lying on the side of the road for a kid to pick up. You'll make someone else happy, but for now we'll say our goodbyes.