Tuesday, November 3, 2009


NaNoWriMo is going great! My goal, as I've said before, is 1700 words a day, but so far that has been so easy to achieve that I'm usually hitting about 2000 words a day. I'm enjoying it! My story is just beginning but it's unfolding real well. Tonight I'm going to my first "write-in" which is hosted by the leaders of this region. Basically we get together and write. Easy easy. I'm enjoying it!

Since Brandon left the days have been going to slowly! My schedule is all jacked up. Usually it's get up early, go work out, make coffee for Brandon, he comes home for breakfast, we hang out, then he leaves, I do stuff, he comes back for lunch then leaves, I do more stuff, then he comes home. Now it's just straight me doing stuff. And of course, I sleep in. But today I got up and worked out like a good girl, then mowed the lawn. Later I'll walk Dexter and watch a movie before going to the write-in.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Polynesian Cultural Center with my mom. Fun! They're here until Saturday, so I'm spending time with them. I went to the beach on Sunday to hang out and play in the waves. We enjoyed it. :)

Tonight I have a new recipe to try out. It's some eggplant-beef ragu thing. I hope it tastes good!