Saturday, November 21, 2009

Brandon's Home!

I feel bad being so excited about Brandon being home since he was only gone for just under 3 weeks. By the end of the 3 weeks, it didn't even feel that long, but I guess that's how most separations go. His bus came home from the airport at about 6pm, so I brought Dexter with me to go pick him up. He was so excited to see Brandon!

Brandon was also very excited to be home. He desperately needed a haircut and a shower (even though it had been only one day since his last shower). We waited on the haircut until Friday morning. That night we watched a couple TV shows I had DVR'd that he had missed and we hung out and I made him a quesadilla for dinner.

Friday was a good day too. We slept in then cut his hair, and he went to work at 9. He came home before ten though because there was nothing for him to do. We did some laundry, watched more TV shows, played some WoW and once had to leave to go get a new ID card for Brandon. Oh, and he also drove me up the road to Kolekole Pass (it's a road that links Schofield to the western part of the island). We didn't go all the way through, but it was a pretty drive and so cool to see that part! Before dinner we brought Dexter on a walk, right after we had spent maybe an hour hanging outside together talking.

Today we are going to the beach. Finally! I haven't gone to swim and snorkel for weeks and he hasn't either. I mean, I've been to the dog beach, but all that gets wet are my lower legs, while Dexter has all the fun! We decided to hit up a new place this week: the Ko Olina Lagoons. They are manmade lagoons with good swimming and great snorkeling. I can't wait!

On Sunday we're going to a BBQ and game night with a bunch of other LT's and their wives. Hopefully we can start making some real friends here!