Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So Monday Brandon told me good news... he's coming home two days early! So he's coming home tomorrow! I was so excited. It's always nice to have your husband home with you. :)

Also on Monday, my dad emailed me to say that my stepmom and he have booked flights to come visit us. They arrived January 8th into Honolulu. I don't know any other details, he didn't give me any other! Haha. I did email him back asking for more information, but he doesn't check his email that often, so I have to wait.

I started my job yesterday as a Creative Writing tutor. Wow it's hard! I think the next session I want to work with middle school or high school. Most of the kids in this class are first grade, so we're really working hard on spelling and grammar and having them pay attention! It's hard to get kids to do work right after they've done school all day. I'm sure it'll get better over time!

Life is going. I got my 9 books I ordered from MilitaryOneSource. I don't know if I said anything about that, but you can order up to ten books for free from them. And they're good books too! I got books about deployment, after deployment, and basic books about being a military spouse. One book was different than one I ordered... but it's one I want, so whatever. I think I might start reading the shortest one today, called "Help! I'm a military spouse and I need a life too!"

I also ordered my all-time favorite book, Ella Enchanted. I've been reading it again the past couple days, I'll finish it today. It's nice to re-read your favorite childhood book!

Brandon and I ordered tickets to see Dane Cook on November 28 (my mom's bday! Hi Mom!). I can't wait! We also got invited to a BBQ this weekend with an LT and his wife our age, and the same people invited us to Thanksgiving. So we're going!

All around, it all seems to be working out. I'm enjoying life this week! A few setbacks but mostly excitement!