Friday, November 27, 2009

Vendredi Noir

Today is Black Friday! I'm not really partaking in it because frankly, there's nothing I need to buy. I am, however, going to Old Navy because they have jeans on sale for super cheap, and I thought I'd see what's up. Other than that, nope.

Today Brandon has staff duty so he has a 24 hour shift... gone for 9am to 9am! I'm planning on writing, maybe cleaning a bit, bringing Dexter to the dog beach for some fun, and then Old Navy. It should be a good day, though maybe a little boring at times. Hopefully not too bad.

Yesterday we had dinner with new friends, Joe & Ashley, Tyler & Amanda, and Will & Michelle. It was at Tyler and Amanda's house, who live right beside Joe & Ashley. Tons of food!! The turkey was so tender and the stuffing was so good, I even had some. There were casseroles and potatoes and corn and bread, yum yum. We all ate our hearts out and sat around talking. It's nice to have people our age to hang out with and chat with. Only Tyler & Amanda have a daughter and are expecting another in early February, though Michelle is pregnant now and due next summer. It's nice though! Ashley is super nice and her birthday is one day before mine. :)

Dexter kept me up last night whining so I didn't sleep as well as I had hoped. He whined at one point and I brought him out and he didn't need to do anything, ugh.

Anyway, tomorrow we're going downtown and then to see Dane Cook, exciting! Sunday we plan on hitting the beach and just enjoying the weather, if it turns out good!