Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

This first decade of the century was crazy. I started off in 2000 hardly an American! I was in 8th grade when the Y2K frenzy was going on. I was in high school from 01-05, graduating in June. Those were some transformative years. Then university from 05-09. Now it's almost 2010.

The September 11th terrorist attacks, the two wars, the iPod and touchscreen phones... tons of innovations, events, so much happens in a short ten years. We've had 3 presidents go through, all different and all controversial. We've had births, deaths and reunions. It's almost 2010!

2009 was a year for me! It started out rough, I won't lie, I had a very rough 5 months in the beginning. Brandon was gone to Georgia for training and I was doing fairly well with that, but it had its ups and downs. School wasn't even that bad either! ROTC was horrible... I couldn't run, my peers didn't like me and talked about me behind my back (no clue what I did to them), and it was a trial trying to decide if I would stay in or not. If I was to go out, what would I do with my life? I had no other ambitions. I'm slowly working it out now, though!

I moved to Georgia in May, finally free, and a weight lifted off of me. I was happy. Georgia was an interesting place to live. We met some wonderful people there! Then it was off to Hawaii in September, where we've been since. We've had our challenges here (mostly to do with flies haha), but it's been rewarding. We expanded our family with Winston and Dexter, Brandon started a new job, and I'm currently looking for a new job. I've almost finished my novel. What a year.

2010 should be interesting. I'm trying not to think of the negatives (Brandon being gone for 9 months of 2010), and instead look at goals I have. Here are some:

1. Drink more tea
2. Practice patience
3. Finish my novel
4. Publish my novel
5. Learn to play golf
6. Learn to play the drums
7. Get better at mountain biking
8. Train my dog! (Starting Saturday!)
9. Start a new blog (you'll hear more of this as the weeks go on)

And so much more. It's going to be a hard year, but a good year. I am certain I'll make it through with shining colors. I just hope I can keep a good attitude about it!

Bring it on, 2010!