Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bleh, I'm lonely!

I just want to talk to Brandon! I'm usually ok during our separations but geez, this sucks this time. I've been spoiled every separation we have because we get to talk all the time... this time he called me a couple nights and then it's like nothing. No warning or anything. He would text me and say "Busy day!" and hardly anything after that. Yesterday I heard from him a couple of times... and then today all I heard from him was at 12:45am when he said he just got... somewhere... and is only going to get 2 hours of sleep. I miss my husband! I just have to suck it up, I guess. I think his phone is dead too because none of my texts are getting through. Hopefully I hear from him soon!


Jesse and Marissa said...

Keep your head up Chantal! You're doing great. It's probably just a phase, it'll get better. Keep in mind the bright side: that this isn't a 12 month deployment, and he will be home before you know it! ;)

Chantal said...

I know! He's been gone for only a week and he'll be back in a little over 6, I shouldn't be too affected. I'll be fine by next week I'm sure.