Monday, February 15, 2010

What I did this weekend

Brandon had a four day weekend to commemorate Presidents Day. I believe we had a very good weekend!

Friday: Friday was kind of an errand day. In the morning we lazed about before going to the library (to find a book that wasn't there), to Brandon's work (to pick up something he forgot) and then to the seamstress (to sew some stuff of Brandon's before he leaves). Then that afternoon I drug Brandon out to the beach I went to before with Dexter, Mokuleia Beach. We had fun! We swung by Matsumoto's to get some yummy shave ice before going home. Then it was more TV watching then watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Bedtime.

Saturday: The morning saw dog training. Brandon didn't want to go so I went alone with Dexter. He's doing real well! I talked to the trainers about his pulling and they suggested I get him a prong collar. I spoke with the trainer who sells them and she fitted one for him and showed me how to use it. Let me tell you, the difference is amazing. He hardly pulls anymore and if he does it pinches him a little so he backs off. It's wonderful to walk him now! Alright, so after class we had lunch and then chose a new beach to go to: Kawela Bay. It was hidden and surprisingly enough, on a Saturday, there were 11 people there. It's a good beach! Saw turtles, swam a bit, read, walked, it was great. And it's another place where they filmed Lost ;). Home, TV, Bedtime.

Sunday: Valentine's Day! Just an ordinary day, I suppose. We spent the morning again lazing about, but it was so beautiful I said we needed to go out. So we went down to Petco to return something I bought then wandered around Office Depot, Sports Authority and Target. Then we went home to play some fetch with Dexter before having dinner at Cholo's in Haleiwa. It's a Mexican restaurant. The food was ok, the margaritas watery... but I wanted to go and I enjoyed going out. We came home to watch a love movie! We chose Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. A different kind of love story I suppose... And bedtime :)

Monday: Brandon started to get depressed because he has to work tomorrow. :( I tried to keep him occupied though. We've been watching Season 5 of Lost so we did that all morning, then I drug him out to go grocery shopping. We hardly had to buy anything, which saved us some money. Then we came home to eat and lay about. We had decided the day before to go on a hike so we packed up Dexter and went way out to Makapu'u Lighthouse, a hike up a big hill. It was hot and very beautiful! The water color was amazing and the views were spectacular. You could see the reefs and even some whales. You have to see it. Dexter loved the hike and now he's been sleeping all night. So we came home to watch more TV and make some ribs for dinner. Except the grill ran out of propane. So we just ordered pizza!

Brandon leaves on Friday and won't be back until sometime after my birthday. I have stuff planned for when he's gone but otherwise I'm a bit nervous... mostly of being bored... but I'm sure I'll be ok. I'll be sad during March because he won't be able to call me at all, but I should just get used to it for when he deploys! Anyway, time for more TV ;)