Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's Happening?

So my sleep is still not good yet. It doesn't help that for the last week or so Dexter has been getting up in the middle of the night, making lots of noise and then whining because he needs to go outside. I'm the one who gets up every night with him and let's him out so my sleep is further interrupted. Even when I take medicine my dreams are still crazy and I don't feel totally rested. This morning I woke up at 5am with Brandon and didn't go back to sleep. I was wide awake.

I haven't felt exhausted in a long time. In college that was practically every night. Maybe because I was busier: Waking up before 6am, going to PT, then home, then class or work, then home for dinner, then bedtime at 9. Now I don't have such a busy day and I have tons of time to think. My mind is always going a hundred miles an hour. And then I force myself to bed at 9 or 9:30 when Brandon goes to sleep because I like to go to bed when he does. I read for a bit but then I feel bad for having the light on while he's trying to sleep.

Maybe I'll be exhausted tonight.

I guess life is good otherwise. I feel as though my writing isn't up to par but I'll find out when I reread my novel. I feel like it's lacking something. It's only my first draft though, my job right now is to just get everything out, and then I can go back and edit.

I've been working out every morning and feeling great about it. I restarted my Richard Simmons diet after a couple week hiatus. I didn't gain much weight at all but I have been feeling sick because I haven't been eating healthy enough. Though tonight the diet is on hold because I'm making perogies - yum!

Brandon leaves soon and he just told me that for almost a month he won't be able to call me. Not too excited, but I guess it's the life I live! I'll survive, there are worse things in the world. It'll give me more time to think, huh? ;) I'll be blogging a lot while he's gone I'm sure, just for lack of having someone to talk to every day other than my dog...

I need some friends!