Monday, February 8, 2010

Losing steam!

I fear I'm losing steam on my novel. I guess I feel better today because I did take a 3 day break over the weekend, but today I'm nervous. Maybe it's because I'm so close to finishing my novel, I don't know. Right now I feel as though my writing is horrible and I'm missing so much stuff and I'm losing focus.

I just need to reread my novel and become re-acquainted.

Anyway, life is good so far! Friday we had a Hail & Farewell which we missed (Brandon thought it started at a certain time, we got there at the end, haha). It was downtown, though, so we went for a walk around Waikiki and went to the Swatch store... where Brandon bought me the watch I wanted!! It's for Valentine's Day, even though we weren't going to exchange gifts, I said he could get this Army vest thing he wanted, so he decided to get me the watch. I love it. It's an analog watch, silver, the flattest watch in the world, with etched flower designs. Here's a picture: (it's the Climber Flowery watch)

After that we met some friends at the movies to see Dear John. It wasn't great, but it was fun to be out with friends. The next day we did dog training like usual, though Brandon spent the training cleaning up the puke in the backseat, ick. After training we went to a BBQ on the other side of the island hosted by Brandon's platoon sergeant, where some of his guys and their families were. We brought Dexter and he loved it! He loves the beach and playing in the water. It was a fun afternoon.

Sunday we sat around basically all morning, then did some errands, then sat around all afternoon watching the Superbowl. Brandon explained football to me a bit more and I'm understanding it now. It isn't too bad of a sport now that I get it lol. That night we made some ribs and played fetch with Dexter and watched a movie. It was a good weekend.

This week is full of stuff! I'll keep you updated :)