Thursday, February 25, 2010


It seems my sleep dilemmas have disappeared for the time being. Other than still being woken up early by my lovely dog and cat, I've been so exhausted by the time I go to sleep. It's a combination of getting up early and keeping really busy.

Socializing wears me down! Tuesday I spent much of the afternoon with my friend Michelle at the dog beach and then at lunch. Yesterday I spent the afternoon with her again at Petco, Ross and Target... and then spent the night with my new friend Courtney at her house watching TV and eating homemade pizza. Granted, I love it and am grateful for all the socializing. But geez, I'm getting tired! I'm not 16 anymore, lol.

I got Dexter groomed yesterday and now his front paws are all dirty again. Useless lol.

Other news... haven't heard Brandon's voice for a couple days. He's been super busy. I've hardly gotten texts from him! He texted me in the middle of the night and surprisingly my body woke me up. I answered him but he never read it. I'm sure his phone is either dead or off now. Oh well, that's the life. I've gone longer without hearing his voice. Not that I like it!

Also, something is wrong with my right foot. I think it's just my plantar fasciitis but it's killing me. When I wake up in the morning I limp real bad and can hardly make it down the stairs. I've forgone working out on my Wii Active because that calls for me to be standing up or jumping or running in place and my foot can't handle it in the morning. I'm contemplating going to the doctor's, but what are they going to say? Take an X-ray and see nothing? I dunno. It's been hurting since Brandon left and I went to the dog beach and ran on the beach... maybe I got a stress fracture. It's not as bad as the first stress fracture I got. Geez, my feet are so dumb!

And lastly, with all this stuff going on, I've had difficulty concentrating. I can write for a bit but when I sit down to read, I just can't! All my brain wants to do is watch TV or play games - something mindless. I need to buck down, there's 3/4 books I'm trying to read right now.