Sunday, February 28, 2010



Last night I did an experiment! Mostly because I was tired, but really because I've been wanting to do this since Brandon left. I didn't put Dexter in his crate last night. We were planning on not doing that until he was a year old but I was really tired of him asking to be let out in the middle of the night. Sooo... I left him out!

He growled asking if he could go on the bed (he's so nice, he doesn't just jump up. Good training on our part!). I let him jump up and he got comfy and fell asleep. Then I feel asleep! It was weird at times because he would be trying to push me off... but really, it wasn't bad. We both woke up around 6am and I was very surprised that he hadn't even gotten up once during the night. He just slept calmly on the bed.

So I know I shouldn't be teaching him that the bed in his bed, but I'm so glad he didn't even get up once during the night. When he got up at 6am he went down to chew on a rawhide I had brought to the bedroom. It was a nice night!


SD said...

Akima has learned to ask for my permission first too, or to move over if she's already on the bed before me, or to find a new spot if I wake up in the middle of the night and she's taking up too much space. Dogs can be so polite. :]

Jesse and Marissa said...

Good for you! Stryker ended up breaking out of his kennel when he got bigger (it was a cloth one) and after that we couldn't keep him contained. But, he did well enough so we pretty much left him out from then on. Haha. It's good that he's doing well without his crate!! :)