Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a sweet dog!

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I'm amazed I actually got a really good picture of him. I was about to take a picture of him looking out the window but he turned his head right as the camera flashed. Perfect!

Other news... Brandon now leaves a day earlier than planned. Only two more nights with him. I should be sadder but I guess I kind of expected this. I'm actually more upset I wrote it on my calendar than he's leaving Thursday but then he wasn't so I crossed it off and now he is! OCD anyone?

Also, my birthday is in a month and a half. I'm not expecting anything from anyone but if someone were to buy me something (hint hint) I'd really just like some money to go towards the Hawaii Writer's Conference in September. I super duper want to go to it and it's $500. Of course we can afford it, but could always use some help, especially with all the flights I'm buying to Canada and Colorado. Oh, and I wouldn't mind some area rugs to throw around the house to control some of that dirt the dog brings in...