Sunday, February 21, 2010

Books & Boredom

Currently I'm reading "On Writing" by Stephen King. It's a good book with some good advice from a good author. I'm soaking it all in and trying to remember all the little tips he has thrown in there. Almost done with it too!

Next up will be "Self-Editing for the Fiction Writer" about, you guessed it, editing. I need all the help I can get! I have some foundations and idea of what I need to do for editing my novel but there is still so much I need to find out. This book was written by real book editors so I can be assured that the tips are well worth it. It's come highly recommended.

Another book I'm reading is Andy Adams's "The Log of a Cowboy." It was written in 1903 and is basically a semi-autobiographical story about the authors time driving cattle through the western plains. I'm reading it for research for my next novel, though it's actually quite interesting. It's set in the same time of my novel so I'll be using it as my main reference.

I think I might start reading another fiction book sometime soon...

Anyway, since Brandon's been gone my day has been filled with boredom. I try to stretch out everything I have to do so I fill the hours so it's rather hard sometimes! I have a thing planned for every day this week but most days it'll only take an hour or so at the most. The rest of my hours are spent writing, researching, TV and movie watching, dog playing and internet surfing.

Last Thursday I was at my second Spouse's Club luncheon. It's nice! I met a nice girl there and we're sort of becoming friends. I joined a few clubs (Book Club, Adventure Club, Wine Club). The Adventure Club is meeting on Friday for an easy hike and I'll definitely be going. It's nice to get out of the house!

Today I might go down to Borders and Old Navy... I've been wanting to go to Borders to do some research and wander around a bit but I'm wary about going on a weekend. I think I'll go anyway. The Farmer's Market is open today too but I don't know if I really need to go... might be fun though!


Janine said...

If you're at the editing stage, you might want to check out the AutoCrit Editing Wizard. It really helps find the weak points in a manuscript.

Good luck with filling the hours!