Thursday, February 18, 2010

Energized Again!

Ever since I finished my novel I was wrestling with what I wanted to do next. I had a few options:

1. Start the sequel I came up with while writing
2. Work on other novels I have
3. Just do some short stories and stuff like that

They're all good options. The first option I wasn't sure about because all my other novels I've been working on for years and this one is so new, I'd be afraid to just jump into it before I'm ready. Who's to say when I'm ready though? Option two is good but I have so many other novels, what should I do? Option three is also a contender and I can also submit those stories for publication and contests.

I did some soul searching and decided to follow my heart. This is what it was saying: Work on some short stories and do the sequel to the novel. I found I was always thinking of the sequel and story elements. Yesterday, I began research on the sequel and even after a brief period of time, I was energized again! I was writing notes on the time period and setting, writing down plot elements, names were coming up, and now I have two story ideas that I can work with for this novel.

Of course, I plan on working on some short stories. I really need to get back into them! I have a couple ideas I'll be exploring. I'm just excited that I have something to work on now, even if it's only research at this point. "Calista" will be in the editing stages starting March 1 (I figured it's a good date to start, just over 2 weeks since I finished).

See, even with Brandon gone I have something to look forward to.