Saturday, February 27, 2010



I got woken up around 4:30am by my phone ringing... I get excited, thinking it must be Brandon! and then see that it's my friend Michelle. I automatically start worrying because why would she call at this time? When I answer she asks if I've seen the news (no, sleeping) and then mentions that there was an earthquake and they were evacuating the coastline because of a tsunami. Could she, another friend Ashley, her neighbor Mandy (with her mother, 6 year old and 1 month old daughters), and 2 dogs, come over?


So I'm up, organizing, watching news... there was a pretty large earthquake in Chile (right near where one of my Mormon friends is doing a mission! Yikes!) and it triggered a tsunami warning in Hawaii, among other places. Already by 5am there are cars on the roads, people evacuating, gas stations full, lines in grocery stores, wow! I'm not panicking though.

My friends arrive and we start watching the news. When the news gets old, we watched random TV shows. Then we'd switch back to the news to see if anything is happening. It was mostly a morning of waiting. I gave them food, drink and accommodations and they were all so grateful!

The tsunami was due at 11:05am on the Big Island. We waited, then waited, then waited. By 11:45am we were hungry, and seeing as nothing was happening, we walked over to the PX to grab some lunch. There were tons of people there, mostly people who got evacuated, waiting outside or eating lunch. When we got home we watched some more news and after an hour or so discovered that the tsunami warning was cancelled and they could go home.


I'm happy, though. I got to speak to Brandon finally! He called me on someone else's phone and then used his own when it was charged. Two calls from him! It was hard to talk because it kept breaking up though. Oh well. Also, my friend's houses weren't destroyed, which is good. Disaster averted!