Friday, February 5, 2010

Yesterday's Adventures

I was depressed yesterday. Most likely caused by an excess of girly hormones because of PMS. Everything was making me angry, nothing was working out, I was pissed at Brandon for no good reason... all bad.

So after talking with Jessica on the phone for almost an hour I decided to go on a drive to the North Shore. So I packed up Dexter in the backseat and we headed through the country north. I decided to go to the beach with him, a beach on the west side of North Shore across from the airport where they do skydiving. This beach is called Mokuleia Beach and it's where they filmed large portions of the show Lost (which made me excited, because I'm all over that!).

This beach is pretty cool because, even though there are huge waves on North Shore, there are reefs so hardly any waves crash on the beach itself. The big ones are further out to sea. Here they are tons of kite-surfers, people who attach surfboards to their feet and then use the wind with a kite type thing to propel them around the waves. It's neat to watch. The beach was all but deserted except for the kite-surfers on the waves.

Dexter had never seen waves before, so that was an experience for him. When we got close to the water he freaked out and didn't want to go close. Finally, once I showed him it was ok, he got the courage to go close. He became really brave and started attacking the water, barking at it and jumping at the waves and biting the water. It was hilarious. I wish I had my good camera with me to videotape it! I took him off his leash at one point and he ran back and forth, chasing the water, biting it and running to get out of the way.

He was tired so we started back to the car. I noticed an old surfer guy parked beside us and he said hi then started talking about how his wife wanted a border collie. He was really nice. He said that this beach was a perfect place for dogs and it was very dog friendly, so I plan on coming back again with Dexter and Brandon.

On the way home we swung by Haleiwa, driving through town and then stopping at McDonald's for a McFlurry. I had been craving ice cream for so long! After that we started home. It was a great afternoon, I was feeling better!

Then half a mile from home, Dexter puked in the car. He puked A LOT. I don't know where it all came from! And dumb me, I had forgotten to put a towel down on the backseat before we left. So now I have this huge puke stain on my backseat, it's horrible. This morning I bought a waterproof backseat dog travel cover for the car for Dexter, and this weekend we're buying a steam vacuum to clean the car (and for the rest of the house, we've been wanting one for awhile). Oh well, the joys of having a dog ;)

(BTW, I'm outside right now and Dexter is sitting by the fence and trying to lick/eat something off of it. It's kinda funny)

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SD said...

I bet it was all the salt water he swallowed!!

Chantal said...

Might be. He tends to puke in the car though a lot...

Jesse and Marissa said...

Haha...That's what I was thinking too (about the saltwater). Great photos!! :)