Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Better Day

Today is a better day, weather wise. Lately it's been cold (yes, cold. I don't care what anyone says, it gets cold here. Mid-60's is cold for Hawaii, especially when you add in the humidity, which makes it colder) and rainy. The rain isn't too bad but it kind of disrupts my day with Dexter, since we spend most of the daylight outside running around! Ok, he's running, I'm writing or reading or chilling. ;) It's also been super duper windy, like Colorado windy. That's pretty intense for here!

Anyway, today is a better day. The sun is actually out, I see blue skies, and the wind isn't as ferocious as it was before. It's still fairly windy but it feels nice. Maybe because I worked out today? I decided to do a spin class. It wasn't as bad as I remembered it though there were times where my legs were burning bad and my butt hurt! (Those seats are hard!) I came out of it feeling energized and ready to do more!

Came home, had a shower, and now I'm here on my stoop about to get down to editing. I was having trouble editing before but I think it's because I didn't have a daily goal. I found out I'm goal driven. I wrote well when I had my goal of 1500 words. Now I'm editing well when my goal right now is two chapters a day. Easy enough! Some chapters are shorter (what a relief and surprise) and some are longer (slavery!). It's fun though. I'm feeling better about my novel.

So Brandon has been having a long break and he's been enjoying it. Sleeping, resting, walking, talking, shopping, eating... that's the life! Everything kicks into gear Friday when he gives up his phone and he gets to work. We won't have any communication for two weeks. Eep! Oh well, I'll be blogging lots during that time, I'm sure!