Friday, March 5, 2010

I Hate My Feet

Truly, deeply, I do. It's been a battle I've been fighting for how many years? Since I was a Sophomore in college so... wow, this past February marked 3 years since it really started, but it's been over 3 years since I've been battling my feet.

Let's review. First it started with some foot pain but nothing extreme. Then in February 2007 I got a stress fracture. Once that healed my plantar fasciitis really kicked in causing immense pain. Podiatry, physical therapy, almost getting kicked out of ROTC but not. Then December 2007 I had a cast on my right foot for 3 weeks, hoping to stabilize my foot. Nothing. More pain, more heartache. Surgery on my left foot in April 2008, then surgery on my right food July 2008. Pain, more pain, then feeling so much better! Then suddenly it hits me again once it's healed completely. Of course. May 2009, medically dropped from ROTC, graduate, move, feel happy, problems behind me.


I'm ok with not running. Sometimes I want to run but it's ok, I don't need to. I can bike, hike, walk, etc. As I said before I started fitness classes. Today I couldn't last 15 minutes in a step class. From exhaustion? No, from burning pain in my feet. I stopped and walked around for a bit, feeling kind of embarrassed. The pain didn't go away so I packed up my stuff in front of everyone and left. When I was doing the kickboxing my feet were hurting. During Yoga it wasn't too bad but mostly because I wasn't moving. When I do Wii Active, my feet hurt!

They've been hurting in the morning when I get up. I spent a couple weeks where I could hardly walk or go down the stairs because of them. I can't wear flip flops anymore because they hurt.

I'm tired of it! I don't want to be 40, 50, 60, hardly able to walk and keep up with people. I don't know what's left to do though. I'm trying to get another appointment to a podiatrist because maybe my last doctor missed something (he said he might've, he was as stumped as I was before I left). It's just frustrating, you know? All I can do to workout is bike. That's fun but I want variety. I want to do whatever everyone else does. I don't want to solely rely on spin classes to get me sweating... Frustrating.


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