Tuesday, March 2, 2010

That's how much, you say?

Getting Dexter neutered is turning into a money fiasco. I decided to do the "Neuter Now" program they have here - you pay $50, get a certificate, go to one of the clinics that accepts it and get him neutered. Easy enough, right? I chose a clinic that looked clean and was close-by. The first appointment was great, I met the vet, she's awesome! Then she says he needs to get the kennel cough vaccine before getting neutered because it's policy. I say ok, shoot him up, whatever. When I go to the front desk to pay it's $70. What? Well, too late now, I pay.

Today I go again, get the second shot, so I'm expecting $70 again. He has to get blood work done so he's healthy and I didn't figure about paying for that. At the front desk again and she says $127. What? Is it rude to say "Hole crap, that's expensive" to the receptionist? Because I did. Well, too late now, I pay.

It's just turning out to be MUCH more expensive than I had anticipated. I know I shouldn't be surprised about having a puppy but I've gotten used to stuff on-post where you can get a bunch of shots for real cheap. I know I should've just gotten the kennel cough on-post but I didn't think of it. How could the prices be so different, I thought? I shouldn't be so naive! This pup better get star treatment...

Other news... starting fitness classes again! I did yoga for the first time in months and months. It hurt but felt good! Tomorrow is cardio kickboxing or spin class. Decisions decisions...