Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Dentist Loves Me

Nothing better for an Aries than to inflate her ego!

I've started to love going to the dentist because of the compliments they give me. Well, they give my teeth. They tell me I have wonderful teeth, Superhero teeth (heard that one today), and are amazed that I only brush them once a day and don't ever floss and have never had braces. Yep.

I guess I should thank my mom (thanks Mom!) for my beautiful teeth. She brought us to the dentist a lot and got us some sealants to keep them protected. Oh, and the genes help a bit too.

Anyway, today was a good dentist day. I had a guy hygienist for the first time, like, ever. He was funny though. He tried tirelessly to convince me to floss but I told him I'm not doing it. I'm superstitious and stuck in my ways. My only complaint were some sensitive teeth but they couldn't see anything wrong so they suggested Sensodyne. Sounds good to me!

It was a good dentist visit. My ego is inflated for the next 6 months. ;)


Jesse and Marissa said...

let me tell ya...that sensodine works! i used it after my last filling (seriously my teeth hurt for days) and after using that toothpaste a little while, my teeth felt better!

Chantal said...

Oh good. I think I'll get some tomorrow! I'm tired of my teeth hurting whenever I drink something cold!