Monday, March 29, 2010

Balancing Act

Today I'm going to start the ultimate balancing act for my budding career - I'll be editing a novel while writing another. This is completely new territory for me and I'm a bit nervous. I mean, concentrating on a book and writing it is one deal, but trying to write one book while editing another is a whole other monster. It's kind of scary but I suppose there's nothing I can do except jump right in!

So here's the plan. With my first novel I wrote 1500 words a day. Well this one I won't jump right in like that. I think 500 words a day for a little bit is good and when I'm comfortable, I'll bump it up to 1000 with an ultimate goal of 1500. I'll write first and then jump into editing. I'm not sure what my daily editing goal will be for my other novel so I'll see after a week of trying this out what works best.

I'm nervous about the novel I'm writing. It's the sequel I came up with while writing Calista. My mind has been bouncing around trying to decide which novel to work on after Calista and I guess I'll be doing this sequel. I'm still feeling it out and I'm unsure where it's going exactly, but maybe that's good, huh?

The next few months will be hard for my writing. Brandon will be coming home and preparing for deployment. His unit will be having a bunch of 4 day weekends and half-days for April to May. That kind of cuts into my writing time! Brandon is more important than anything though and I won't sacrifice what little time I have with him to work on my writing. A military wife's priorities are a little weird, I'll admit!

Speaking of Brandon... his flight coming home from NTC got pushed back a day and a half. That's the Army for you! He isn't too happy especially since he has absolutely nothing to do between now and then. I hope he can keep occupied alright!