Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So I was tagged by Marissa at Living the Life of an Infantryman's Wife to list the ten things that make me happy. So while I'm procrastinating working on my novel (because it's incredibly loud around my house right now), I'll let you guys know what my top ten are!

1. Brandon: How could Brandon not go first? We've been together for nearly 4 years, been married for nearly 2, and I just can't imagine life without him. Sure, we aren't perfect, we fight sometimes, we annoy each other, but that's married life, right? I know I love him truly and deeply. I'm excited when he calls me, I'm excited when he walks through the door. His smile makes me smile, his laugh makes me laugh. He's handy to have around the house too! I love him, he makes me happy.
2. Dexter & Winston: Ok, Winston doesn't make me happy most of the time... but he will cuddle with you during the night and when he meows it's just cute. He does make me smile. Dexter, though, is the love of my life! Haha. I love that dog. He frustrates me (um, jumping from moving vehicles?), but I love that face of his. I love playing games with him because he just looks so happy. I love when he comes and sits by me and I pet him. He's a good puppy!
3. Nature: I wanted to put Mountains and then the Ocean, but I'm lumping it all into Nature. I get kind of giddy when I go on hikes. I like being in the forest, smelling the flowers, feeling the wind through the trees. I like going to the ocean and tasting the salt in the air and feeling the sand under my feet. I like to look out on the mountains in the background. The blue sky makes me happy, rain makes me smile, and I can't complain about the sun!
4. Good ol' Colorado: I moved to this state when I was 12 years old. I remember the mountains breaking the horizon. You just can't beat seeing those things for the first time. It's the place where I grew up for the most part. I love every part of that state!
5. Including... Colorado Springs: This is my adopted hometown. When people ask where I'm from this is the city I say. I spent 4 years here, graduated college, met my husband, had great experiences. It has such a great feel to it. It's a small city so you can drive around it easily, but it's big for those small-town folks. It just has a good feel to it. It makes me happy :).
6. New Recipes: I love cracking open the cookbook and finding a new recipe to try. It's kind of exciting, like starting a new adventure. Even if it doesn't turn out quite right, I still have fun doing it.
7. Music: I love music and I don't listen to it enough. Right now I'm listening to Pop Opera! Haha. Anyway, I feel a certain connection with music, it's hard to describe. It makes me feel good. I listen to the lyrics and connect with them. Music makes me laugh, cry, smile, depressed. It's everything. Now if I could sing well that would make me even happier!
8. My Family: I usually describe my family as "crazy" (and it's pretty true), but they make me happy. I know I can always rely on my sisters to give me advice or even just someone to talk to. Same with my mom! They frustrate me a lot but I love having them all around. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have all of this family!
9. Learning: I miss university sometimes just for the learning aspect. I loved sitting in class and listening to my teachers tell us new things. It's like they're telling us stories. That's probably why I like history so much, because it's just one big story. Learning new random facts makes me especially happy (I'm gearing up for my surprise appearance on Cash Cab). I don't think there's any substitute for learning some good, hard information. ;)
10. Writing & Reading: This is basically my job now. While I haven't read much in the last month (reader's block?), I've been working on my writing. I can't remember a time when I wasn't writing new stories. Ok, I guess that would be when I couldn't write... but even then, I was making up stories for all my toys. My mind has always been in its own little story world but I like it there. It makes me happy to explore my stories, to find out things about my characters or about their world I didn't know before. Without writing I wouldn't feel fulfilled. Even if I don't make it as anything big, I know I can still have my writing there as my own personal escape.

So there ya go! Wow, as I got to the end I wanted to do more! My job now is to tag 3 people to do this so we can continue the chain. I choose...

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