Monday, March 22, 2010


I had a little panic attack earlier at the store thinking "When did I last update my blog?!" Come to find out, it was two days ago. I guess I don't have much to say, then.

I got hit with a little cold yesterday. Sore throat, cough and achy head. I swore I had meningitis but I think that's passed... yes, the hypochondriac in me comes out at the worst times - usually when Brandon isn't here to tell me to stop being dumb. My cold will pass, it's just annoying. I can't remember the last time I had a legitimate cold. Oh, I take that back, right as I was typing that I remembered. It was when I was staying at my mom's in May for 3 weeks before moving to Georgia. They lovingly gave me a horrible sickness. Thanks mom. ;)

As you know, I finished my first novel edit Saturday. I went and printed it out at the UPS store, all 255 pages. It only cost $15 though! When I picked it up it felt, I don't know, fulfilling. I can't wait to take my pens and get to work. I have 4 different colors, I wonder what they'll all mean!

Oh! Brandon emailed me today!! He grabbed someone's computer and shot me an email. I responded but it was no use because he was gone by then. Still, yay! He's miserable but he's still alive, and he can't wait to get home. Poor guy. I get to finally hear from him on Friday/Saturday. Can't wait!

I've been spending tons of time with my friends. I don't think I've been this social since high school. How did I do it then? I'm exhausted these days! Today was a ME day, which I spent cleaning and watching TV. A good day in my book.

Dexter is doing good from his surgery. No pain or anything. He's a trooper. Winston is always annoying me but being cute sometimes. There are chores that I need to do but I don't want to. I think I'll go nurse my headache now and watch "New Moon."