Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Sunday!

And Happy Post 180! This will be a short one, I think. I don't know what I want to write today but I feel the need to type a blog every few days. I've been busy with my friends, keeping ourselves occupied while our husbands are gone. Good news though: Brandon comes home this week! While I'm not really allowed to say exactly what day (online, anyway), it's definitely before my birthday. Yay.

On Friday we saw "The Bounty Hunter" and then had homemade lasagna at one friend's house. Yummy. Yesterday we went to the beach and hung out with other friends, though that's a whole other story I don't feel like explaining right now, haha. We ended the night with some pizza and a Netflix! Brandon got to call me on Friday night. It was great! He sounds so tired and sick but he'll be home soon and I can nurse him better.

Dexter has proven to be extra expensive lately... I brought him to the vet on Wednesday and found out he has mange. Basically every dog has these mites on them and when they're growing/stressed or something, these mites can start irritating. So as he was growing his mites grew too and some of his hair fell out. He had to get some skin scraped to check, poor guy, and he does have it. I need to go through all his hair soon to see if there are any other spots. I'm not too worried about the mange really. I got some cream to see if that helps. Poor puppy knows what it is now, though, and he fights me before I put it on! Haha.

And then on Friday he peed in the house twice. He hasn't peed in the house in a long long time so I got worried. One friend said it could be a UTI and after he peed a second time, I figured it might be good to go to the vet. Well after way too many expensive tests to see if his kidneys were ok, we find out that yes, it is a UTI. I got sent home with some antibiotics and a chunk of money from my wallet. This dog is turning out to be super expensive!

Alright, time to feed these pets. I hope you all have a good Sunday :)