Sunday, March 7, 2010

Didn't go as planned...

...but that's ok! Tonight I hosted a potluck. I invited 4 friends (like my only friends here...) and the theme was "Hometown." Basically bring something that's close to your family, home, etc. I planned on making some bison chili but the commissary was totally out of ground bison! Of course. So I settled with regular chili. I also made some poutine (with real cheese kurds!) and some brownies, just because I wanted them, hehe.

Then one friend never RSVP'd and the other got sick so she couldn't come. I only had two people coming over. I was so afraid it was going to be a disaster but it really wasn't that bad. We had some cheese fondue and potatoes and sweet tea to add to the mix. It was good! Then we chatted for a bit and played some Scrabble. It was a good night, regardless of the issues.

Poor Brandon isn't feeling well. He's been hit by a horrible cold and sounds so bad on the phone. His voice is gratty and low and nasally. He constantly sounds tired and worn out. I feel so bad for him but there's nothing I can do, which sucks even more. All I can do is command him to go to the doctor's and get some medicine. On top of that some guy in his platoon lost some important equipment and because Brandon's in charge of him, he's getting in trouble. They can't find the equipment anywhere and the pressure is on. Brandon is not feeling good!

Everything else is ok here. I'm tired but don't feel like sleeping. Maybe I'll try to sleep... I dunno. I could take a bath but I feel hot already! What can I do? lol.


mrsmonje said...

Poutine is AMAZING!!