Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dog Beach Disaster!

I suck you in with my titles, don't I? ;)

It wasn't a disaster but it could have been. I'm driving up to the beach on the dirt road in the dirt parking lot, about 50 feet from where I usually park. Dexter is in the backseat crying because he's so excited he wants to get out. So I roll up the front windows and I'm rolling up the back windows when I look at my side mirror and...

Dexter is halfway out of the car!

I slam on my brakes right as he jumps out of the window and takes off down the beach. I say a few swear words, keep the car running but put it in park and take off after him swearing even more. He's all excited and oblivious to the fact that I'm so angry with him. He finally runs back and I drag him to the car so I can park. We have a time-out until my friend arrives.

Ugh! He could have been run over!!

After the dog beach my friend and I eat lunch and chat down the road. Well I'm walking back to my car and see something underneath. It's a stray cat. When Dexter went near it the cat hissed and went further underneath my car. So I'm thinking great, I'm going to be stuck here. I don't want to run it over! Finally it gets scared and runs off.

Geez, what an exciting day!


Anonymous said...

My dog did something similar a couple of weeks ago. We were stopped at a truck stop, she saw another dog and jumped out... sadly she had her leash on and it was wrapped around the seat (we were getting ready to get her out) so she about strangled herself. Dogs are so impatient.