Tuesday, June 1, 2010

All signs point to...

Well, we went to the beach today. That was fun! Until Brandon came back from boogie boarding, sat down and said "Did I take the car key out of my pocket?"


Thank goodness Brandon's mom had her cell phone in the bag, albeit dying, we managed to call the insurance company to get a car-unlocker out while also trying to contact friends to come pick us up (thanks mom for your help!). No one came to get us, but Brandon asked the car-unlocker guy if he could drive him home (a good 45 min away). The guy said sure! That was great. I had to sit in the newly unlocked car while Brandon got a drive home so he could bring back the spare key. Thank goodness we have a spare key.

The reason we didn't get towed was because 1) our house keys were in the car, and 2) it would have cost us tons of money to get a taxi from where we were back home! Well, I had some signs that this would happen...

Sign 1
As we were leaving at about 9:30am, I told Brandon "I hope we're not out all day." Well, we were. We didn't get home until past 6 because of this key fiasco!

Sign 2
As we were leaving the car at the beach I thought "I should bring my phone with me... nah, I won't need it." I so did... it's a good thing I know at least one phone number by heart: My mom's! (I also know my husband's, but that doesn't help)

Sign 3
Brandon's dad asked Brandon if he should go back to the car to get the other boogie board, which would have required Brandon to take the key out of his pocket. They decided not to.

So all these signs plus more pointed to us losing our key! Now we can't unlock the glove box, though we can start the car.


Just Anchored said...

Don't you just love stuff like that?! Glad you had a spare! I currently can't find the ring of keys that has BOTH keys to unlock the storage unit all of our stuff is in.