Sunday, June 27, 2010

This is the week!

Our past few weeks have been accentuated by lasts. Last four day weekend. Last time we'll go to this restaurant together. Last time we'll go to this beach or walk down this street. Last time to wash the car. Last time to grocery shop for two. Last Friday together, last Saturday, last Sunday...

I'm not worried. I've had the best couple of weeks with Brandon in awhile. We've been laughing together, sharing moments, making up new quotes to giggle about, checking out favorite restaurants and even trying a new place or two. We've been going on almost every night and we've been keeping the days busy. I don't want to say I don't enjoy every minute with him usually, but the minutes we've been having have been so wonderful I'm glad we're going into this deployment with fond memories of each other.

Life is a series of moments. A year is just a bunch of moments wrapped in a package. So what if I'm not spending it with my husband, the guy I promised to spend my whole life with? Just because he isn't beside me doesn't mean life ends entirely for me. I'm using this next year to grow internally, shrink externally, maintain great friendships, get the ball rolling on this writing career, and become a better me. When he gets back, we can become a better WE, but for the next year, it'll just be ME.

That's ok with me though! Brandon said it great today, "I think if we just keep ourselves busy a year will fly by." I hope so. The last few years have flown by for me.

Now, let me share a few pictures of us and of Brandon. I love this guy!!

I hated that shirt, but I LOVE those arms! This is our first photo ever together. We had been dating for two months now, but this was only our fifth date since we were 100 miles apart.

He finally brought me shooting! This was Sept 06.

Skipping forward to Halloween 2006. I was a pirate and he was a construction worker.

We spent the weekend after getting engaged at the Great Sand Dunes in CO. Brandon was resting on my leg after cooking us a steak dinner. I love his face in this picture.

When he got commissioned, a week before our wedding. Yep, that's me in my ROTC uniform. Remember, I did 4 years of ROTC too!

Brandon's grandma got us an underwater camera for our wedding. This is on our honeymoon. I think it describes Brandon well.

This one too, hehe

Ok, I added more pics than I expected, so I skipped a couple years to this, our babies! Brandon has been a great father to Dexter and Winston. I know he'll be a great daddy to a real baby, whenever that happens!