Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coming quick!

The day is fast approaching! And now the day might be changing. Well, that's the Army for you, right? Everything is always changing. I'm just prepared for it to change at any moment. If it does, then it does. If it doesn't, well cool, we'll keep to the original plan!

Yesterday we had an FRG meeting. They just told us a lot of the stuff that we should know: Where the guys should be going, when they should be leaving, what to expect for communication, when we can send mail, what would happen if someone died or was wounded. I tried not to let that last part get to me. There's just a few things I'd rather acknowledge with a passing glance and then continue on my way.

Otherwise, life has been going like normal here. Sunday we spent at the beach with some good friends of ours. Brandon tried to carry Dexter into the ocean and the poor puppy was scared out of his mind. Once Brandon let him go, Dexter ran onto the beach and kept running. I had to chase him down and get someone to grab him, haha. Never again! It was a good time, though. I needed to keep Brandon out of the house so he didn't experience too much of the Sunday blues.

I'm working a lot this week. Like 40 hours a lot. It's been good the last couple of days. I like my job because I get to talk all the time and share stories with people, as well as ask them where they're from and about their lives. My job is pretty easy. I'm still struggling with it, but that's the way it goes, I suppose, when you haven't worked for a year and jump right back into a new job!

Anyway, I'd like you to spread the word of my deployment blog. I'm warning you: I won't be blogging at this address while Brandon is deployed. That means, I'm switching to the other blog. I'd like you to come over and see what it's all about! It'll start soon, way too soon!