Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's been a good day

So I want to tell you all about it. This might be long, so I'll try and add some photos for your viewing enjoyment. ;)

We started the day by waking up almost at 8 - which is super sleeping in for us! Then we spent the next hour or so chilling, playing on the computer, watching TV, you know. Then it was time to get moving. After our shower we went to ACS to get me a Blue Star Card (a card for families who have a deployed member). That was fairly painless to get. Next stop was the community center so I can sign up to get the yard mowed while Brandon's gone. All this was easy and fast, so we got home earlier than planned.

Then it was off to Barnes and Noble's! Brandon expressed interest in getting a nook for Iraq, and I said "If that's what you want, sure." Well we looked at them (this is maybe the third time we've been there to look) and then browsed the store for other things. Brandon got himself a journal to write in for Iraq. Then we went to the register and got not one, but TWO nooks!

I didn't expect him to get me one, but he didn't want me to get jealous because of all the cool gadgets he was getting. Fine by me ;). We're just waiting for them to charge so we can play with them.

Next stop was Whole Foods for some lunch. I got a delicious vegetarian Mediterranean sandwich and Brandon got a huge, yummy burrito. I also got a diet soda made with stevia (if you haven't heard of stevia, go look it up, it's great!) and Brandon got an organic soda. I love Whole Foods!

We started towards Waikiki next. We had reservations for a high-speed catamaran ride at the Outrigger hotel. Let me tell you, it was great. They played music, served great drinks, we rode the waves, got to see beautiful coastline, and soaked up the sun. All for $20 each! We're definitely going again. Once they found out Brandon was in the military they were shaking his hand and even gave him a free drink. I love the appreciation people show for the military. :)

We were on this thing:

Funny Story: They required us to throw all our shoes in a box. Brandon ended up having nearly identical shoes as another guy, so when we went to get his shoes, he had one of his shoes and one of the other guys shoes. Luckily we caught the guy in the hotel, had a nice chat about shoes, and got his pair in order. It was great!

We topped off the day downtown with pizza at Giovanni Pastrami's. There was a basketball game going on so the whole restaurant was real loud, but it was fun. We don't watch sports and definitely not basketball but since it was on the screen we both chose a team (Me: Celtics, Him: Lakers) to cheer for. My team won, btw. ;)

Now we're home! We're planning on watching a movie soon but until then we're enjoying some time outside. Oh, and I came home to this guy, could it be any better?

Of course, a blog can't describe what a great day Brandon and I are having, but I've tried. It's just been a good day!