Saturday, June 12, 2010


I've been tired the last few days. Not like normal tired, like needing a nap/going to bed by 6pm kind of tired. Just exhausted. And seriously, I haven't done much (like lots of activities outside my normal range) to warrant this. So I turn to you, blogger world, to be my doctor today! Here are a few reasons for my fatigue I'm tossing around:

1. Just got done on Tuesday with 2 weeks of guests in our house and spending every day I didn't work driving around the island.
2. Not drinking enough water.
3. Sleeping... too much?
4. Eating too much sugar. If anyone knows hypoglycemia (which I have) like I do, you would know how bad sugar affects the hypoglemic. I admit, those brownies on the counter aren't helping. Nor is the yummy other sugary substances, namely ice cream, I've been devouring.
5. Eating too much in general. I mentioned guests coming... that means lots of eating out!
6. A couple pounds of weight gain over the last couple of weeks as a result of #5.
7. Not working since Monday. I know, work should tire me out, but spending a few days laying around the house could have adverse affects on me!

Ok, I mentioned a bit more than a few reasons, but what do you think? Anyone want to support these findings or add their own opinions? I'm tired of being tired!


The Cochran Family said...

Pregnancy?! :) haha wait that wasnt on the list!

MattSidor said...

Everybody gets slumps, but if this fatigue lasts longer than a couple weeks and you continue to gain weight, you should ask your doctor to sample your thyroid levels.

Also, maybe this is the stress of Brandon's upcoming deployment manifesting itself in a different way.